About Us

NextGenLaw was founded with clients’ needs and convenience at the forefront. Our lawyers are happy to arrange for meetings by teleconference or at our clients’ offices. Our blog, Properly Taxed, offers up to date information relating to property tax litigation. This is our modern way of practicing law – more client focussed. NextGenLaw's commitment is to use available technologies to better serve our clients.

What kind of law does NextGenLaw practice?

NextGenLaw is primarily a boutique property tax litigation firm offering legal services in the areas of property tax exemptions, property tax assessments, civil litigation, and administrative law.

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Who is behind NextGenLaw?

Joe and Scott founded NextGenLaw to use their experience and knowledge to get property taxes right. They have decades of experience in dealing with property tax issues, litigating before tribunals and courts of all levels, and closing property transactions.

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