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Sometimes the Best Available Evidence Is Not Enough

In our last blog in this series on burden of proof, we explored the issues with allowing MPAC a second chance at proving current value. In this installment, we take a look at whether current value is truly being determined when the Board makes such a determination based on insufficient evidence...

A New View of Palpable Errors

The Assessment Review Board has recently indicated that there will be a more flexible and fair test applied to palpable error applications under section 40.1 of the Assessment Act

What Does Equity Mean?

Statistics can be a powerful tool to show that your assessment is unfair and should be lower. We explore how to use stats to your advantage. Read more....

Requesting a Reconsideration of Your Assessment

The Ontario Assessment Act provides a chance to have the assessing authority reconsider the value it has assigned to your land before commencing an appeal with the Assessment Review Board.

Click here to read more....

Big Tax Savings for Affordable Housing Complexes for Vulnerable Seniors

In a previous blog, we discussed our successful experience in bringing forward a property tax exemption application for an affordable housing complex for low income seniors.

We are pleased to report that we have recently obtained a property tax exemption for another affordable housing complex for low income seniors... Click here to read more

Tax Exemption for Affordable Housing Complexes

Ontario Property Tax Exemptions for Apartment Buildings

Certain organizations organized for the relief of the poor can be exempt from municipal taxes. ...click here to read more.